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List of Posters

No. Org. Presenter Title
1 CEA S. Gin, N. Bisbrouck, M. Taron, M. Wang, X. Lu, L. Deng, F.Angeli, T. Charpentier, J.M. Delaye, M. Bauchy, J. Du Can a simple topological-constraints-based model predict the initial dissolution rate of borosilicate and aluminosilicate glasses? 
2 CEA JAN Amreen, GIN Stephane, DELAYE Jean-Marc, KERISIT Sébastien Study of compositionnal and irradiation effects on glass alteration combining classical molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo
3 LSU Jianwei Wang Design and prediction of chemical durability of oxide crystalline ceramics with critical experiments
4 LSU Jianwei Wang Crystall structural control on the passivating property in silicate dissolution – a case of wollastonite
5 LSU Zelong Zhang Iodine Release from Apatite Ceramic Waste Form in Geological Repositories
6 LSU Dipta Ghosh Atomistic understanding of water transport in grain boundaries
7 OSU Chris Oberdorfer, Wolfgang Windl Field evaporation is vacuum corrosion! - Is it?
8 OSU Szu-Chia Chien, Pin Lu, Gerald Frankel, Wolfgang Windl Machine Learning in Corrosion
9 OSU Xiaolei Guo, Stephane Gin, Penghui Lei, Tiankai Yao, Hongshen Liu, Dan K. Schreiber, Dien Ngo, Gopal Viswanathan, Tianshu Li, Chandi Mohanty, Seong H. Kim, John D. Vienna, Joseph V. Ryan, Jincheng Du, Jie Lian, Gerald S. Frankel Self-Accelerated Corrosion of Nuclear Waste Forms at Material Interfaces
10 OSU Saba N. Esmaeely, Xiaolei Guo, Joe Ryan, Gerald Frankel, and Jenifer Locke Measurement of Confined Geometry Chemical and Electrochemical Conditions 
11 OSU Chandi Mohanty, Xiaolei Guo, Denis Strachan, Gerald S. Frankel Examining the effect of electrolytes on the dissolution behavior of International Simple Glass
12 PNNL Courtney S. Smoljan, Joelle T. Reiser, Benjamin P. Parruzot, Joseph V. Ryan, John D. Vienna Effects of Aluminum Composition on Nuclear Waste Glass Durability
13 PSU Huseyin Kaya, Dien Ngo, Seong H. Kim Spectroscopic Characterization of Glass Corrosion
14 PSU Dien Ngo, Hongshen Liu, Zhe Chen, Huseyin Kaya, Tawanda J. Zimudzi, Stéphane Gin, Thiruvillamalai Mahadevan, Jincheng Du, and Seong H. Kim Hydrogen bonding interactions of H2O and SiOH species on a boroaluminosilicate glass corroded in aqueous solution 
15 RPI Kun Yang, Stéphane Gin, Keith Bryce, tiankai yao, Xiaolei Guo, Dipta Ghosh,Jianwei wang, Gerald franker, Jie Lian Passivation film formation and composition effects in pyrochlore structure
16 UNT TS Mahadevan, Dien Ngo, Seong Kim, Jean-Marc Delaye, Stephane Gin, Dannie Preare, Dan Schreiber, Joe Ryan, Jincheng Du Generation of dry and hydrated gel structures and associated water hydrogen bond behaviors
17 UNT Lu Deng, T S Mahadevan, Jincheng Du Mechanisms of silicate-water interactions and initial stage of corrosion from reactive potential based molecular dynamics simulations
18 UNT Manzila Tuheen, Lu Deng, Xiaonan Lu, Marie Collins, Jean-Marc Delaye, Stephane Gin, Joe Ryan, John Vienna, Jincheng Du Developing and evaluating empirical potentials for simulations of multicomponent borosilicate nculear waste glasses
19 UVa Angela Y. Gerard, Junsoo Han, Stephen J. McDonnell, Bi-Cheng Zhou, Kang Wang, Daniel K. Schreiber, Stéphane Gin, Pin Lu, James Saal, Gerald S. Frankel, John R. Scully The Corrosion and Passive Properties of High Entropy Alloy
20 UVa Kang Wang, Bi-Cheng Zhou, John R. Scully Pourbaix Diagrams Calculations for Ni-Cr based Alloys and MPEAs with Non-stoichiometric Oxides
21 UVa Timothy Hartnett, Angela Y. Gerard, John R. Scully, Prasanna Balachandran Machine Learning Approches to Identify Relationships Between Maetrials Atributes & Passive Corrosion Electrochemistry of Corrosion Resistant Alloys
22 UVa Junsoo Han, Katie L. Cwalina, John R. Scully The Evolution of Protective Oxide Compositions on Selected Binary & Ternary Alloys as well as Multiple Principle Element Alloys as a Function of Exposure Time in Aqueous Solutions