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Poster List

Institution Title Authors
CEA TBD Stephane Gin
LSU Exploring surface and interfacial hydration mechanism in Gd2Ti2O7 by ab initio molecular dynamics Dipta B Ghosh, Jianwei Wang and Bijaya B Karki
LSU Effect of solution species on the chemical durability and iodine release of iodoapatite Zelong Zhang, Jianwei Wang
OSU DFT calculation of competitive adsorption of O and Cl on Ni-Cr-X alloys and development of a chloride susceptibility index Huibin Ke, Adib J. Samin, Christopher D. Taylor
OSU TBD Saba Navabzadeh Esmaeely, Jen Locke
OSU Validation of the pitting model for pit growth stability – One-dimensional (1D) artificial pit experiments on SS316L Tianshu Li, Sarita Sahu, G.S. Frankel and J.R. Scully
OSU Interactions of Metal/Glass and Metal Ceramics Corrosion Xiaolei Guo, Sarita Sahu, Chandi Mohanty, Tiankai Yao, Penghui Lei, Jie Lian, Hongshen Liu, Dien Ngo, Jiawei Luo, Seong Kim, Stephane Gin, John Vienna, Joe Ryan, Jincheng Du, Gerald Frankel
PNNL 3D Nanoscale Structure and Composition Mapping of Altered Glass Daniel Perea, Daniel Schreiber, Joseph Ryan, John Vienna, Lu Deng, Xiaonan Lu, Jincheng Du
PSU Spectroscopic Study of Glass Corrosion in Aqueous Solutions Dien Ngo, Huseyin Kaya, Hongshen Liu, Seong H. Kim
PSU Effects of Surface Initial Condition on Aqueous Corrosion of Glass Hongshen Liu, Dien Ngo, Mengguo Ren, Jincheng Du, Seong H. Kim
PSU Characterization of electrolyte effect on glass corrosion Huseyin Kaya, Seong Kim
RPI Interaction Behavior of Hollandite with Stainless Steel in Sodium Chloride Solution Penghui Lei, Xiaolei Guo, Tiankai Yao, Gerald Frankel, Jie Lian
RPI A Comprehensive Understanding of Corrosion Interaction between SS316 and Iodine-bearing Apatite Tiankai Yao, Xiaolei Guo, Penghui Lei, Gerald Frankel, and Jie Lian
RPI Water Alteration of Iodine-bearing Perovskite Ceramic Pellets Yachun Wang, Penghui Lei, Weiguang Zhu, Jianwei Wang, and Jie Lian
UNT Computer simulations of nuclear waste glasses and QSPR analysis of their structure-property relations Mengguo Ren, Xiaonan Lu, Jincheng Du
UNT Characterizations of multicomponent silicate gel structures from reactive potential based simulations TS Mahadevan, Jincheng Du
UNT The effect of vanadium oxide on the structures and physical properties of ISG nuclear waste glasses Xiaonan Lu, Joe Ryan, Jincheng Du
UVa Passivity of Recently-Synthesized Highly Corrosion Resistant High Entropy Alloys Angela Y. Gerard, Kathleen F. Quiambao, Daniel K. Schreiber, Pin Lu, James Saal, Gerald S. Frankel, and John R. Scully